The Art of the Opening Shot

If you love films, and have loved them for a long time, you will love this video.

It features the opening shot from dozens of the most iconic movies ever made.

Here, watch…

You might think this has nothing at all to do with what you do on the radio, but consider those scenes above..

The opening shot, whether for a film or for a bit, sets the mood, creates anticipation, perspective and attention.

I so often hear radio talent struggle getting out of a bit that I rarely think to coach how to start it — and that is definitely as important.

Does your “opening shot,”  those first few words coming out of a break or song, set the mood for what I’m about to hear? Does it create anticipation? Does it make me turn up the volume slightly so I can really pay attention?

If not, you’re missing an exquisite possibility of engagement, as this video, and the movies it represents, proves.