The Art of Persuasion

Words matter

Recent brain studies prove what we’ve always thought: words matter. Specific words may have the same meaning but activate different areas of the brain.

Why is this important?

Consider this…

Having a bad day?
Having a rough day?

Seems like the same question, right?

But using the word “rough” caused sensory areas of the brain to light up while the word “bad” did not.

And any time you engage the sensory areas of the brain, you increase the chances your message will be felt, not just heard. And we tend to remember those things we feel deeply.

You can read more about this HERE, but if you really hope to impact listeners behavior, the words you use — in liners, in promos, in commercial copy — matter.

Maybe you should spend more time writing with purposeful intent to engage emotionally.

And if you don’t have time, I know some great writers who can use the work. Call me and I’ll connect you.