The Art of Persuasion

7 things really persuasive people do.

You may think you don’t need skills in the art of persuasion because you’re an air talent, so you don’t sell, right? Uhh…wrong.

We all need to be persuasive more often than we realize and there is a definite skill set you can practice. Here are 7 traits all good persuaders possess:

  1. They are purposeful. Pick your battles. Want to persuade more? Argue and advocate less often.
  2. They are great listeners. It’s difficult to be persuasive when you don’t know the other side of the issue.
  3. They are connectors. They’re usually empathic and know their best chance at winning you over is to create emotional bonds and shared goals.
  4. They acknowledge credibility. By giving you credit when due for facts that are beyond dispute, they know you will be more likely to give them equal respect.
  5. They offer satisfaction. They’re willing to sacrifice the small things to win the big ones. Choose success over being right every time.
  6. They know when to shut up. Wearing people down is never an effective strategy. Just think of the cold calls you get at night that won’t accept “No.” Make your point. Then, ask the closing question and pay attention to the answer.
  7. They know when to back away. Great persuaders understand the best close is you persuading yourself, and they give you the time to get there.

I’m only good at a couple of these, so I’ll be working right alongside you.

Funny thing is, dogs and kids seem naturally persuasive, but maybe I’m just a softie.