The All-Consuming Obsession


The all-consuming obsession with joylessly monitoring every conceivable human activity, quantifying and assigning variables to tasks as various as walking and making small purchases, and attempting to draw profitable conclusions from this vast accumulation, is one of the most distinct characteristics of modern life. It’s also, amusingly enough, a complete waste of time.”

“There is so much information sitting around in servers that nobody knows what to do with it. The answer is, or should be: nothing.”

“Information is not the same thing as knowledge.”

That’s Matthew Walther in

It applies to Radio in several ways.

We’ve got access to reams of information from Nielsen but how has that actually helped the product for our customers, the listeners?

“Information is not the same thing as knowledge.”

With experience comes the opportunity for knowledge.

And those who run consolidated radio companies have not shown a willingness to pay for experience in each of their markets.