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The A Team

The A Team

Here’s the truth…


It serves a corporate purpose today to say that anyone in our business can be exceptional, that all it takes is really hard work, lots of extra hours, and patience.

But that’s not true, and deep down, we always knew it.

It doesn’t matter how many hours a day you practice, you will never be as good as Serena Williams, or Dustin Johnson, or Tom Brady, or LeBron James. Ain’t gonna happen…

The truth is, Radio needs more stars and the whole corporate culture now running most radio companies implicitly prohibits that.

Stars are expensive. Stars can be difficult; they don’t suffer fools silently.

Stars won’t pretend the emperor is clothed.

Do you know even one station that would like to try to be exceptional?

One station that would put great talent in every daypart and give them the time to create truly compelling content every break?

That’s what I thought.

Radio doesn’t have A-teams anymore, and that’s by choice.