The 6-Second Spot

Missing the point entirely.


Google and Facebook have decided the 30-second spot is finished.

In fact, they’ve decided the 15-second spot is toast too.

So, now they’re selling 6-second spots.

As if being forced to watch a spot in the middle of a post or video is what we want, as long as it’s ever shorter.

This is like what Radio’s been doing for a couple of decades with our air talent: Just make it shorter and it doesn’t matter what you say, really. Just short!

The point is, we don’t want any of our chosen content to be interrupted.

At least Radio isn’t inserting 6-second spots in the middle of a song. Yet.

What happened to the promise of digital media?

The idea that they wouldn’t have to push ads at us, but instead we would choose ads for products we’re interested in.

It’s not how long the interruption is. It’s how relevant the interruption is to each of us individually.

30-second spots, 60-second spots, 2-minute spots don’t seem to be a problem during the Super Bowl. In fact, we look forward to them sometimes more than the game itself.

I guess the geniuses at Google and FB don’t watch then…