The 10 Commandments of Team Shows

Check ’em out…

  1. We are all supporting actors.
  2. Never speak unless your voice is needed to make it better.
  3. Always save your teammate when s/he is in trouble.
  4. Believe it or not, your primary responsibility is to support.
  5. Be prepared. That means getting enough sleep as much as staying mentally engaged.
  6. Never underestimate or condescend to your listeners. Make yourselves the butt of jokes, not your listeners.
  7. Trust, and be trust-worthy. You’re part of a team. Let others do what they do best.
  8. Check your impulses, especially now that time is so closely monitored.
  9. Know your “out” and stick to it. Don’t be the person that always has to have the final laugh.
  10. Listen, on and off the air. The smartest person in most rooms is the one who talks the least.

Ok, your turn. What would you add?