That’s A Mistake

You too?


There is so much insight and wisdom in this, it’s hard to condense it.

In fact, if you have an attention span longer than 30 seconds, click HERE and read this Lefsetz Letter for yourself.

For the rest, voila!

Trump taught us a lot of lessons. That you didn’t have to pull your punches, that you could have a rough identity and people would identify with it. Now don’t get your left wing knickers in a twist, of course the Donald has said heinous things, but what was most fascinating was that the media believed that his faux pas would derail his campaign and they did not. What are you not doing because you’re afraid of the blowback that would actually help you?”

The king of late night television is on in the morning, and his show is repeated 24/7, that is Howard Stern. Sirius XM has 31 million subscribers. And Sirius didn’t even have a million before Stern signed on. Stern reaches more people than any of the late night nitwits. If you want to get your message across, go there. As for those bitching the show is adolescent bathroom humor, the truth is they don’t listen and those who do appreciate Stern’s honesty. It’s a fine line Howard walks, he’s an authority but pokes fun at himself. He’s honed his act over forty years, and that’s why the young ‘uns can’t compete.”

Want to succeed tomorrow? Have an opinion. When the press blows it up, stay steady. People will know your name, those who follow you will be impressed, and those who don’t can be safely ignored.”

And know that everybody is lonely and looking for connection, and when they resonate with your truth and identity, you’re golden.”

Finally, if you remember nothing else from this post, remember this:

Never imitate, never follow, always test the limits, always be yourself.