That Discomfort You’re Feeling…

What is it exactly?


It’s grief.


There is so much grief in our world right now.

Watching news anchors break down on the air is just one example.

Even those of us who haven’t lost a loved one, or a colleague to Covid-19, realize our world will never be quite the same again, and so we grieve that loss as well.

If you, or someone you know, is overwhelmed and grieving, read THIS.

And then visit THIS SITE.

Name your grief. Share your grief.

Understand that you cannot “fix” grief so if you are trying to help a friend deal with theirs, just listen. Don’t attempt to help them move on.

Just listen.

Validate their pain.

And keep listening.

We will reach the other side of these awful days. It’s helpful to remember that as we mourn all this loss that surrounds us.


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