Thanksgiving 2022

Watch and feel…


All I’m asking from you today takes less than 5 minutes.

If you can watch and not be moved to act, that’s ok. We’re all different, and there’s so much need in our world.

I would just remind you that these people, like many of the most desperate, did not do anything to cause their current need.

Imagine: No heat, as Russia has destroyed more than 50% of the power across Ukraine; no running water, so everyone has to go to the bathroom outside; no light inside your home; no cooking except outside over a fire; no internet, no television, no distraction from the relentless attacks on civilian buildings and gatherings.

Imagine you and your children, your elderly parents, in their current plight.

So now, if you can, please help. You can do it right now, right HERE.

This holiday season, many of us will seek peace and a reset heading into the new year by drawing closer to family, taking a break from work, and observing the rituals of our faith.”

“We tend, during this time, to clear our mind of unpleasant things. But as Americans, citizens of the greatest democratic power on Earth, we must not forget that the largest European conflict since World War II is continuing to burn away in Ukraine.”

“A democratic nation is refusing to be conquered by a vengeful imperial power, and it is paying for it with the lives of innocent men, women, and children.”

“As we celebrate the season, let us remember that the Russians have shown no intention of taking a holiday from murder.” (Tom Nichols, The Atlantic Daily)




Glory to Ukraine!