Thanks Giving

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Both are important

As we, in America, celebrate a national day of gratitude for the blessings in our lives, I think it’s worth mentioning that the word “Thanksgiving”, the word we use on this special day, is composed of two parts.

If we are truly thankful, we are compelled to give as well.


To each individual with whom I got to work this year, “Thank You!” I always believe you teach me much more than I teach you.

To friends and clients throughout Europe, “Thank You!” Come ski with me this year, ok? Allow me to show you the same hospitality and fun you show me when I’m with you.

To those in China and SE Asia who continually strive to be better — you know who you are — “Thank You!” Each visit feels like coming home.

To many of those I’ve known and worked with over the past couple of decades, I treasure you in ways I don’t often enough express. You’ve made this ride possible and challenging and exciting. I wouldn’t change one day.

In your names, and from your generosity, I have made a donation to help Syrian refugees.

I’m grateful for each of you, and look forward to seeing you in 2016.


And if you like to read, I recommend GRATITUDE by Dr. Oliver Sacks, a collection of his thoughts as he neared the end of his life earlier this year. It is vibrant and honest and very moving. I hope you like it.

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