Talking To Yourself

This is a great campaign!

You know how much I love emotional content so you will understand why I love this new campaign.

The spots show people talking to themselves, 8 months in the future, a future they have helped create through discipline and persistence.


Tina Shelley’s Conversation with Herself from Medifast on Vimeo.

Kimberley Vandlen’s Conversation with Herself from Medifast on Vimeo.

Michael Decker, VP of Brand Marketing and Creative Services for Medifast: “Whenever I meet people who’ve done the program, invariably they start crying. But I had never seen an emotional approach. That was my challenge to the agency: Find an emotional hook for this category.”

If you know anyone who’s been fat, who’s struggled with their weight, you will immediately understand why these work.

The cool part is that this isn’t a trick. There’s no CGI, no chicanery, no attempt to make the fat person look worse than the now-less-fat person. They chose their own clothes. The spots are largely unscripted. 

The emotion is real.

And that’s probably why sales are up ten-fold year to date.