Talented People

They’re different.


Roy Williams, also known as “The Wizard of Ads” is a really smart guy. I’ll keep on suggesting you subscribe to his weekly missive.

One of his recent posts was about talent. Here are the best parts:

Talent is Unconscious Competence; a superpower you were born with. People born with a superpower usually have difficulty teaching it to you.

Skills are Conscious Competence; acquired excellence, learned behavior. People who acquire their skills through study and practice usually make excellent instructors.

Talented people are tricky to manage. If you tell them what to do, they will do it to the best of their ability, but the outcome won’t be nearly so wonderful as it might have been had you simply inspired them instead.

To inspire a talented person, describe – in abstract terms – the impact you desire. Fill your description with similes and metaphors, such as, “I want people to feel springtime and butterflies and the first kiss of puppy love. I want them to feel new beginnings, forgiveness, fresh hope, and a clean slate.”

Your talented person will then surprise you with something you never imagined.

There’s a lot of wisdom in Roy’s words.

Read it again.

Now, if you’re a talented person or your job is managing talented people, read it one more time.

And if you’re not talented nor managing talented people, why are you in Radio?