Survey Says…



THIS is the reason I get frustrated with Radio:

Overall, four in 10 (40%) of the air talent surveyed in AQ say their work is never critiqued by station management. And, nearly one-fifth (19%) say they are only airchecked a couple times a year.”

That’s from the Jacobs Media study of air talent and radio producers shared at the TalentMasters/Morning Show Boot Camp.

Almost half of all air talent never get any feedback on what they’re doing on-air.

Why will you pay me to come in and do what your PD could do if you just gave her time to do it??

And if s/he’s not qualified to do it, why isn’t your Ops Manager, Group PD or EVP/Programming teaching her/him??

And if your Ops Manager, Group PD and/or EVP of Programming isn’t qualified to coach your PD’s, why are you paying them??

Ok…deep breaths…in and out…

You can sign up for the webinar where Jacobs Media will go into their study in detail HERE.

Now I understand why I hear what I hear regardless of the market.

Not that I don’t like money, but if I’m doing my job well, I should be making myself expendable.

This explains why I always have more work than I need or want.