Is Radio next?


Netflix earned 17 Golden Globe nominations for its TV hits to go with its 17 movie nominations, besting Sony (eight) and Disney (six). Broadcast networks? Zero TV nominations.” ~ Axios

That sentence, on Axios, is from December, 2019.

In 2020, Netflix leads every media company with 24 Oscar nominations.

How about TV shows, you ask? Would you believe 160 nominations for Emmy Awards in 2020? It’s true.

Broadcast TV surrendered quite a long time ago.

They aimed for profit over quality. What programming costs the least? Reality and game shows, which is almost the only fare on broadcast networks today.

Without live sports, especially the NFL, why would we ever want to watch?

Sadly, broadcast Radio made the same decision a couple of decades ago.

Profit over quality. Voice-tracking over local talent. National syndication over developing new, compelling, local talent in every daypart.

And the end result will almost certainly be the same: Irrelevance and a slow decline.