Make it part of your arsenal

One of the trickiest parts of doing a successful radio show is balancing consistency with unpredictability.

After all, if your show is totally predictable, I’m not going to miss anything if I don’t listen today.

Finding ways to frequently surprise your listeners has always been a part of winning that daily cume competition.

And new brain research proves that even tiny positive surprises lead to actual mood improvement. For instance, finding a dime on the floor has a measurable impact on mood, no matter how rich or poor you may be.

It’s not the size of the prize that matters as much as the fun of the surprise.

You might consider that as you plan tomorrow’s show.

A pleasant surprise is part of delight, so you’ll not only provide a welcome mood lift, and God knows most of us could use that these days, you’ll generate a little word-of-mouth.

That can’t hurt either…