Timing is everything…


Most stations I work with are concerned about attracting younger listeners.

Having programmed and consulted just about every format over the decades, I’ve joked that Sales always wants the demo cell you don’t have no matter which one that is.

But part of the issue right now for Mainstream AC and many Country stations is their non-music content. Their air talent isn’t talking to “younger” listeners.

If it’s been 20 years since your children were starting school for the first time, you can forget what that feels like to those going through it right now:

BTW, Oscar Mayer created this campaign expressly for social media. It won’t run on TV.

There are so many little things you can do to speak to a younger audience and it may be worth some concentrated listening on your part to hear that.

Take one day a month to really listen to your own air talent.

One day, outside of the office, away from phone interruptions and distractions, with a blank legal pad and the goal of finding concrete ways to connect more personally on an emotional level.

Trust me, you’ll find them.

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