Let the sun shine in…


I’ve spent more time in France over the past 15 years than any country other than America.

Mediametrie, the ratings service in France, releases radio results about the middle of July each year, so I’ve often celebrated Bastille Day in Paris.

I’ve made friendships there which will last as long as I live.

You know what it’s like inside radio stations: When you’ve been through the battles together, you create bonds that last a long, long time.

So my heart hurts today for the people of France, especially those in Nice who lost those they love yesterday.

I had a different blog scheduled today but I just couldn’t ignore what’s happened, again, in a country — and to people — I love.

And I hope we will remember that every name we hear among the victims has a family that will miss them every day of their lives.

So, I thought, as a reminder, I’d share this beautiful story about one of the Orlando victims in the US.

Because I don’t really have other words to say right now. I just feel grief.

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