Sunshine and Kitty


Last week, I shared a post I wrote imagining the awful consequences in Ukraine because of Putin’s War.

I titled it “Then She Knew.”

I suppose I hoped it might inspire one or two of you to tell your own stories in your own words.

It wasn’t based on any specific story, but then yesterday, I read THIS.

I’ve never experienced what these ordinary people living ordinary lives have endured the past 2+ months so I can’t say I feel what they feel.

All I know is that these stories break my heart and lead me to help in the only way I can right now: donating to relief groups doing their best under such dangerous circumstances.

Yesterday, I sent a donation to UNICEF, but there are literally dozens of organizations trying to help. You can find those HERE.

What you say and how you say it matters. Especially right now.

Don’t you think?