Suffer The Children

For such is the kingdom of heaven.



Marina Kudriavtseva is a teacher of small children. She lives and works in Kyiv.

Her answer to the question of how she can possibly do her job follows below, courtesy of GZero:

What else would you like people outside Ukraine to know about the children and their lives?

I would really like everyone who is safe outside of Ukraine, who is not threatened by war every day, every minute, to understand what happiness it is to live in peace.

I would really like them to know how strong and courageous our children are, who, unfortunately, are forced to grow up much earlier than children in other countries. These are children who at the age of 5 already know what danger is.

I want them to know that our children cannot live the full and carefree life they should have. That many children of Ukraine will never see their parents again. They will never return to their homes.

The word “war” will be remembered forever. And many more terrible things that no normal person would wish on anyone.

But I also want them to know that our children will grow up strong. And all of us adults who are with them will continue to do everything we can to keep them together.

They have studied. They have had fun and laughed, even in bomb shelters.

They have received gifts and participated in contests. They have won.

Their talents are growing and blossoming as they grow.

We want them to be confident and to know that we will overcome all difficulties and win.


You can help the children of Ukraine HERE.