Succor For The World


Who do you think said this?

The personalising of this invisible notion of the spirit is necessary for me to fully understand it.

I find that using the word ‘Christ’ as the actualising symbol of the eternal goodness in all things extremely useful.

The Christ in everything makes sense to me — I can see it — and helps me to act more compassionately within the world.

It feels to me that sometimes we practise a kind of conditional compassion and reserve our goodwill to those we think deserve it.

To practise a form of universal compassion, I find it of considerable value to remember that our love is a lifeline thrown to that pure essentialness, the Christ deep within us, entombed, suffering and yearning for our assistance.

Acts of compassion, kindness and forgiveness can ignite this spirit of goodness within each other and within the world.

Small acts of love reach down and bring succour to that animated spirit, the beseeching Christ, so in need of rehabilitation.


Before I reveal the author of this deep thinking, I want to say that imagining the divinity within ourselves, and within every other human being, could actually help stem the bitterness and invective we’re confronted with every day.

Is it easy to do? No!

But somehow, we have to find a way to stop demonizing each other simply because we disagree about politics or health or education.

If we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to thoughtful reasoning, we need to extend that to those who disagree with us and try to find the compassion of the Christ who prayed for the forgiveness of his killers as he was dying.

You don’t have to be a Christian to acknowledge that remarkable story. You don’t have to be a Christian to feel compassion, at least as much for human beings as most of us feel about mistreated dogs and cats.

It’s worth the effort because continuing on the path we’re on leads to nowhere good.

Ok, by the spelling you can narrow it down to someone not American.

Those are Nick Cave’s words, of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

I didn’t expect that guy to express those thoughts in that form, which actually helps me start to practice what he’s teaching right now.

I think he’s challenging us, whether at a music or News/Talk station (especially TALK hosts by the nature of their daily work) to reflect this universal compassion.

You can be funny and compassionate. You can be Conservative and compassionate.

They are not mutually exclusive.

And that’s worth thinking about today.


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