Successful Creatives

I bet you know one.


Seth Godin shares so much insight using so few words.

I can’t make his point better than he does, and when I try, it takes a lot more words.

Like this, entitled “Successful Creatives:”

Many of the ones I know are terrible listeners. They don’t actively engage, don’t see the people who are right in front of them, and don’t exercise much in the way of curiosity or empathy.

I think they got successful because the idea they had inside of them somehow resonated with enough people that they get to share what they were thinking.

But the most reliably successful people I know are precisely the opposite.

They are desperate to see and know what’s making other people tick. They actively engage, and they do it with empathy and generosity.


Most of us know a ‘tortured-soul-creative’: difficult, moody, combative.

I find it hopeful that those are not prerequisites to brilliance.