Stumbling And Bumbling

And hoping all the while…


Even with 75 million users, Spotify still isn’t profitable, but with $1 billion in venture capital funding, it can afford to hemorrhage money while hoping to stumble into a sustainable business.”
~ Casey Newton, The Verge

Unlike Spotify, Pandora is currently focused on internet radio: You can pick the kind of music you’d like to hear, but not the specific songs…In fact, Pandora could soon look like every other streaming service: Limited music for free, unlimited music for a fee.” ~ Peter Kafka, Recode

It’s easy to lose sight of the obvious because we only ever hear glowing prognostications from the digerati and futurists who keep insisting that anything digital must be better.

If not for debt service, Radio would be an amazing story, as amazing as it was before consolidation.

Shouldn’t the NAB and Nielsen be telling our story too?