Struggling To Be Heard

Hey! Listen to me!

One of the positive outcomes of PPM is the slow disappearance of the “shock jock,” — at least in music radio.

Howard Stern created a generation of wannabees, each trying to be more outrageous than the other. I’ll see your play-by-play of lesbians making out in your studio and raise you one couple doing the nasty inside a church.


There will always be an audience for the fat naked guy who sets his hair on fire running down Broadway.


But I don’t think Howard will fare as well under PPM as he did with Arbitron’s old recall system, if he tries radio again.

And I think there’s a really large audience, available in every market, for content that is compelling and relevant and which creates an emotional reaction.

You can keep on doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll remain locked in that compressed herd of stations separated by a tenth of a point, watching your pay be cut every year, speaking less and less, saying virtually nothing worth hearing.

Or…well, you know the “or.”

There is success to be found in authenticity. PPM proves it.

Check out the ratings for your local NPR station if you doubt me.

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