Aren’t the best stories always about love?

Humans are drawn to tell and respond to stories. And each of us has our own personal story of first love. No matter how it turned out, we never forget our first true love, which is why this little film story works so well; we can all relate to its joy.

My Favourite Things from kidswithcrayons on Vimeo.

The best air talent are skilled story-tellers, sometimes without even knowing what they are doing, or how. The beauty of the Internet is that it allows your talent to create and share stories in ways they never could — or can — using only the radio microphone.

I know lots of jocks that spend their own money to attend the Morning Show Boot Camp, or hire a personal talent coach, or subscribe to a comedy service. What I would like to suggest is that you encourage them to spend their time and money learning how to create stories using all the tools of the Internet. Digital video recorders are inexpensive, as are editing programs.

If your talent is consistently telling stories that make us, their audience, feel something, we will keep coming back for more, both on the radio show, and the station web site.

Return business: Isn’t that really the goal?