Story-Telling Ads

A whole new world

One of the things made possible by the internet, and especially the ease of using YouTube, is longer ads — ads that tell stories about real life…

…stories customized by language and region, like this one in Indonesian…

…stories of hope, that show us there are a million ways to earn money if we’re willing to risk failure…

…stories that inspire, and help explain the source of inspiration for some…

Not so long ago, you had to tell your story in 30 or 60 seconds, and the only way to share your stories was on broadcast or cable TV stations. That’s always been, and still is, very expensive.

Now, anyone with a Flip or an iPhone and a bit of inexpensive editing software can create a video, meaning you can tell your station’s story.

You don’t have to wait for the million dollar budget. You don’t have to buy the same old tired music box syndicated spot that’s not really any station’s story, much less yours, anyway.

What befuddles me is why so few stations are even making the attempt.

In fact, I really only know of one, and that’s thanks to my friend, VO talent, Tom Pagnotti, who brought U.S. 93.3 to my attention.

Here, watch the “pilot” of what has become a really fun on-going series:

If this station in Fort Wayne, Indiana can do it, why can’t you?

And in most markets, if you just made the effort to start, I bet some of your more talented listeners would want to help.

Hmmmm…listener engagement. We can’t afford that, can we?