Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

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We knew it was coming. He knew it was coming

Even if we hadn’t seen his body waste away in front of our eyes, we all knew he would never have left Apple unless the end was close.

He changed the world.

Illegitimate, given up for adoption, college drop-out. Irascible, demanding, obsessive.

He changed our world, as much as Henry Ford, or the Wright Brothers, or Michelangelo.

It seems unreal when a personality this large leaves too soon.

Don’t lose faith.”

Don’t settle.”

It’s worth listening again to his words.

It’s worth considering that while he knew his time was short, none of us is guaranteed next year, or next month, or even tomorrow.

Our time here is brief.

Don’t waste yours.

Don’t get dragged down by the mundane and impermanent.

Live your life with purpose.

Give freely. Love passionately. Make certain those most special to you know how much you value them.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”