Is this the future of music radio?

Investors do not believe the American public will pay a monthly fee to hear commercial-free music.

You can read the article for yourself here.

Meanwhile, according to the press reports in Europe, Spotify — which is not available in the United States — has so much demand for its subscription music service, it has had to limit new subscribers.

Who to believe?


IMHO, I can’t imagine my son or any of his friends — or their parents, for that matter — paying $15 a month to hear music without commercials, no matter how great it is.

It’s like NPR or PBS: lots of people love some of the unique programming, but not enough to shell out $15 – $25 a month, which is why both are subsidized.

Pure subscription service “radio” doesn’t threaten commercial “radio.”

Great “radio,” available free on any connected device from everywhere around the world, is the threat.

Radio that exposes me to great new songs and artists, that entertains me consistently with fun and connected personalities, that makes me aware of impending doom in my town, and that gives me a reason to listen every time I tune in…

that’s the threat.