Sponsors vs Ads


It’s so frustrating to see those outside our business beat us to the punch, merely because they were willing to ask, to imagine — to think about how to monetize radio differently.

Apple’s BEATS 1 will feature sponsors, not ads in its debut today — an instant solution to the 15+-units commercial radio stations expect listeners to sit through every hour.

And, “Apple is making its BEATS 1 DJs a major selling point during meetings with advertisers and agencies.”

See for yourself. The first ad starts by showing you their main DJ.

Yes, Apple apparently believes it’s good for business to pay for advertising. Amazing.

Beats1 Worldwide

Consolidated Radio has spent 25 years trying to find ways to be less reliant on air talent, to shut them up, pay them less, work them more (diluting their effectiveness) and sometimes do without them completely.

They’ve used PPM to justify liner-driven inanity at the same time they’ve ignored what every listener has told them for years: You’re playing too many commercials!

Hang on. I’m hyperventilating. Hide the cutlery.

I need an ativan…


Oh, and you can read the rest of what Apple’s going to do HERE.