How you could end up homeless

We want to believe it can never happen to us.


We have college degrees, and jobs, and bank accounts.

The reality is, just as we are not immune to natural disasters, most of us are not immune to the slide into homelessness either.

We don’t like thinking about it, but if you want to face reality for a couple of minutes, click HERE and play a little game, called SPENT.

I made it to Day 28, but only because I opted out of health care, and ate food I wouldn’t normally eat.

Lots of people are hurting these days. Many older adults have been out of work for several years. You might be surprised if you were privy to conversations going on in your neighbors homes.

How can you help?

For starters, if you know a family that is struggling, don’t wait to be asked. Help. Don’t offer help. Help. Be an angel. Do it anonymously. Nothing feels better than helping someone who really needs it.

So just help.

  • Send a pre-paid gift card to the local supermarket.
  • Slip an envelope with several hundred dollar bills under the front door.
  • Mail a pre-paid American Express gift card without a return address so they can buy clothes or go to a doctor or fill their car with gas.
  • Tell everyone in a position to hire about your friend, rather than telling your friend about potential jobs. Do your best to open doors they might not be able to open on their own.

There, but for the grace of God…

Live it.