Something Meaningful

A bit of advice for your CEO.


Each year for the past four, Fortune magazine has released it’s FUTURE 50, a list of companies poised for growth, no matter what is happening in our world.

With several years of results under their belts, they’ve been able to make some conclusions which can drive any company:

“…By the way, Reeves also said his research on the list shows that companies with a strong sense of purpose are better poised for future growth. ‘It looks like one of the worst ways of making a lot of money is to try and make a lot of money,” he said.  “The best way is to try and do something meaningful.”

If you know anyone at the top of iHeart, or most of the other big radio companies, send me their email and I’ll put this in front of them while keeping you anonymous.

Not that it will change any minds…

but I refuse to give up hope.