Social Moms

5 distinct types…

Hey, if you target moms — which is just about every version of AC, and almost every other format — you’ll be interested in THIS.

Recent research shows that 18% of moms who use social media account for 78% of the influence, and that influence can be profound for your brand and others.

Since 2006, the number of moms using social media has exploded, up more than 500%, so if you’re not interacting with them online, you’re missing an opportunity.

The report separates all moms who use social media into two broad categories: Influencers and the Influenced. Both of these categories are then segmented further, and you’ll recognize women you know, for sure.

If you have some time over the holidays, spend it with this research report.

You can find a way to get Influencers talking about you and your clients — that’s the real challenge — and when you do, you will definitely benefit.

How to get them talking about you is my specialty.

You need content that makes a strong emotional impact, and you need it often, and consistently enough that it is what your station is known for.

If you need help in this area, call me. Let’s talk about it.