Social Media Revolution

The parody…

It may be purely anecdotal and statistically meaningless because of sample size, but hey, in Radio, we sell data like that, so why not share it here?

This study says one-third of Facebook users are “less engaged” with the site than they were just 6 months ago.

My son and most of his friends, all within a few years of his age, 27, say they’re using Facebook less and less, and they were never into Twitter. (One told me Facebook is for “old people.”)

Their communication is almost entirely via texts.

Watching that behavior made this new parody of the “Social Media Revolution” videos very timely:

And then there’s this, from Michael Wolff in “Facebook’s success depends on the Internet becoming a more profitable advertising platform than traditional media. Unfortunately, that’s turning out to be one of the great business fallacies of our time.”*

And THIS, which says that as many as 40% of the accounts on social media are created by spammers. Seems like a rare week when I don’t get a fake link or attempted virus attack from FaceBook, and sometimes 85% of the updates on LinkedIn are pure spam and phishing.

What say you? Are you using FB and Twitter more or less?

If you want an educated, professional opinion about where social media is going, and why your station should still be involved, call my friend, Steve Allan. It’s what he does…




*quote taken from The Week, June 1, 2012