So, Which is Radio?



Whether it’s articulated or not, every business is driven by one of two philosophies. A company is either competition-driven or story-driven.

The competition-driven company is reactive to the marketplace and prioritizes beating its competitors and racking up profits.

It identifies with the capitalist ideal and is intent on keeping score.

The people who lead competition-driven organizations seek to dominate the market and maximize shareholder value. They care about increasing market share, boosting the single bottom line and raising their status as ‘the leader’ in their category.

Their goal is to win. COMPETITION.

In contrast, the story-driven company is responsive to customers and prioritizes having a clear sense of purpose and identity.

It makes little reference to the competition and is intent on creating an impact.

The people who work there derive a deep sense of meaning from their work because they know their company exists to do more than simply make a profit.

The leaders of story-driven companies (big and small) have clear visions for the future they want to see, and they inspire their teams to join them on the journey to creating that future.

They often succeed by doing things that can’t be measured or are not immediately scalable.

Story-driven companies have a positive impact on their customers and society.

They thrive by making the connection between their purpose and prosperity.

Their goal is to make a difference.” *

The answer seems pretty clear, even though I could argue that the largest Radio companies are led by people who care more about their own bonuses and wealth than that of the shareholders.

But I can’t think of one major Radio company that’s story-driven.

Can you?


*All quotes from Story Driven: You Don’t Need To Compete When You Know Who You Are by Bernadette Jiwa