Slava Ukraini


We’ve grown impatient at the lack of progress. Our attention wanes.


But while we focus on fights within Congress and become absorbed in the latest political polls, ordinary Ukrainian citizens no different from you and I continue to resist the tyranny of Vladamir Putin.

Their cities continue to be bombed. Their schools and hospitals and apartment buildings continue to be the target of Russian missiles.

They continue to give their lives for their freedom.

How can we – especially Americans – not admire that?

How can we not want to help support their struggle?

America means freedom!


To be clear, Ukraine is not asking Americans to fight for them, as we did in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Ukranians – lawyers, poets, teachers, accountants, college students, mothers and fathers, old and young – all fight for their country even as you read this line.

They just need help, of every kind, as you would imagine we would under similar circumstances.

If you can help, do so. Right now!

And you can find ways to do that HERE.


Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the words of Ukraine’s President to us last year:

On behalf of all Ukrainians, Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service.

For almost 250 years the men and women of the United States armed forces have prevailed against tyranny, often against great odds. ​Your example inspires Ukrainians today to fight back against Russian tyranny.

Special thanks to the many American veterans who have volunteered to fight in Ukraine, and to the American people for the amazing support you have given Ukraine.

With your help, we have stunned the world and are pushing Russian forces back. Victory will be ours. God bless America and Slava Ukraini.”
~ Volodymyr Zelensky


Let us recognize the service and sacrifice of every veteran we know today.

They’ve earned our respect and our gratitude.

As have those fighting right now for freedom in Ukraine.



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