This is one show you might want to preview…

…especially if you have kids.

You have, no doubt, seen something here or there about a new MTV television series, called SKINS.

The show is based on a hit series created in the UK, and during my frequent trips across the pond the past few years, I’ve watched it from time to time.

I think we all know that television in the UK, and especially throughout western Europe, permits content that would never pass the censors’ scissors in America.

And, while I cannot show you the American version which airs Monday nights on MTV, due to Viacom’s copyright restrictions, I can let you catch a glimpse of the original UK show.

A few things worth noting…

First, SKINS is a bone fide Twitter smash, scoring as the #2 trending topic worldwide Monday night, when it aired in the US.

Second, this is a TV show targeted 12-34.

3.3 million Americans watched the premiere last Monday night. That set a first-episode record for MTV in the 12-34 demo. Ratings this week were down about 50%.

So, if your teen, or pre-teen, has a personal TV in his/her bedroom, you might want to see what they are watching, and most assuredly talking about with their friends, just as  NY TIMES columnist, David Carr did. His 14 year-old daughter had saved it on her DVR and told her dad “everyone” at school was talking about it.

Third, there is now serious discussion within the executive offices of MTV about whether SKINS violates federal child pornography laws, because many of the actors are as young as 15.

MTV wasn’t trying to make child pornography, clearly, but they are trying to push the envelope, as they say, because, let’s face it, social media attention focused on salacious content creates tons of buzz — and that is always good for ratings.

However, it’s not always good for sponsors, and several major national brands have already pulled their support, fearing the linkage between their brand and the SKINS brand.

MTV is correct in saying they are depicting what many teens already do, and it’s not like they alone are responsible for corrupting the behavior and thoughts of our children. Your kids have probably seen Miley Cyrus taking bong hits of salvia, a potentially dangerous drug, on YouTube, and she’s a product of the Disney Channel.

Look, they’re your kids. You’re the parent.

Watch the show yourself first, and then be the parent. If the content doesn’t bother you, and you don’t think it will adversely affect your children, it’s a free country.

I just wanted to be sure you knew it was out there, and I wanted you to be sure your listeners know it’s out there, because we trust our friends to alert us to situations that may hurt our kids.