Sioux Prayer

A thing of beauty…

Funerals are for the living.

They allow us to show respect, support, and love.

Last week, I attended the funeral of Sean Smith, who was the principal of my son’s middle school, and who died far too young (52) from brain cancer.

Sean was a good man who touched hundreds of lives during his years at Colorado Academy, including the life of my son.

Many hearts are grieving at his loss, including mine.

This prayer was included in the service, and I love it. It is known simply as, ‘Sioux Prayer.’

I come before Thee as one of Thy many children. See, I am small and weak; I need Thy strength and wisdom.

Grant me to walk in beauty and that my eyes may ever behold the crimson sunset. May my hands treat with respect the things which Thou hast created, may my ears hear Thy voice!

Make me wise, that I may understand the things which Thou hast taught my people, which Thou hast hidden in every leaf and every rock.

I long for strength, not in order that I may over-reach my brother but to fight my greatest enemy — myself.

Make me ever ready to come to Thee with pure hands and candid eyes, so that my spirit, when life disappears like the setting sun, may stand unashamed before Thee.