Shelter From The Storm

Understanding our times…


Radio has been so traumatized for so long that it’s easy to focus only on our own anxieties.

The world around us has not yet weathered the economic storm unleashed in late 2007. The outcome is still not certain, not only here, in America, but throughout Europe, South America, Africa, even parts of Asia.

I have friends, and clients, in many countries around our world and the common thread is stress and worry.

Money is tight. Jobs are scarce. Uncertainty reigns.

Even the weather, and the ground beneath us, feels suddenly, alarmingly dangerous.

So today I just want you to think about what feels best when you’re stressed to the max.

Chances are, a lot of your listeners need exactly what you do: an escape.

Look, Nielsen says American TV viewing is at an all-time high right now, with an average person watching for more than 5 hours and 13 minutes a day.* That’s not because TV is producing the best programming in it’s history. It’s an escape.

We can’t pretend everything in our lives is hunky-dory.

We can’t ignore the individual suffering we see all around us.

But, we can go out of our way to take our listeners’ minds off their reality for a few minutes.

We can serve as mood elevators, producing smiles by our own goofy happiness. After all, we’re in “show business.” We are performers, and the “show” always goes on.

Today, try something different, for a change.

Throw out your boring liners no one hears anyway, and just talk to me, every break. Connect with me at each touch point in each hour, just for one day, and see what happens.

You don’t have to make me laugh, but find a way to make me smile. You can do that.

All I’m asking for is a little shelter from the storms of life.




*The Nielsen Company