Shared Sacrifice


My parents lived a good life, and they were at the end of their road. They got married 76 years ago during World War II once they’d finally saved up enough of their sugar rations to bake a proper wedding cake. They loved telling that story. Everybody was sacrificing for the war. It was a national effort. They were proud of it. The country had bigger problems, and their wedding cake could wait.”

“How can we get back to that? What happened to us?…maybe we can take a break from tearing each other apart. The virus is still raging, and there’s no magic solution. It doesn’t just go away unless we stop it.

You can read his story HERE.

Your words matter.

Yes, your words.

You can either help bring us together or you can help those doing everything in their power to drive us apart.

Intention matters.

Even if the goal of your show is to make people laugh the whole time you’re on the air, the words you choose to make us laugh matter.

Do you think about that when you’re prepping?

A lot of people listen to you. A lot of people look to you to set their mood.

Do your part, do as much as you can do, to remind us who we are as a people, as a nation.

I think you’ll be surprised at the reaction of your listeners.


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