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Selling Hype

Selling Hype

It’s what we do

Most radio stations are still stuck in the selling hype trap: more music, better variety, bigger prizes, best, most, blah blah blah…

The thing is, I’ve talked to programmers who want to try something else, but they can’t figure out how to sell it to the people they report to, and they’re not sure they can trust their air staff if they take these crutches away.

Look, maybe you can explain it to your VP of Programming by having him watch these two spots. First, Surface…

Now, Apple (which we had featured a few weeks ago)…

We know none of those claims about our greatness are credible, but even if they were, that’s not what moves listening. If it was, all those nearly-automated liner stations would’ve had a 100 share by now.

We buy promises about how things will make us feel. We buy stories that make us feel better about ourselves when we use products that connect with our emotional brain, not our rational one.

Think about that for a minute or two.

What promise can you make to your listeners that you can keep every time they hear you?

Work on fulfilling that and the ratings will take care of themselves.