Selling at a Discount

Is killing Radio

Selling products at a discount is like paying someone to like you.

That’s Dr. Sheri Bridges of Wake Forest University, and while she wasn’t speaking specifically of Radio, she could have been.

Until we learn to value our own air time, we will never get the share of the pie that our listening and focus deserves.

It’s that simple.

And in every market, every GM says, If it weren’t for those guys at station xxxx that give away the farm with every decent buy, we’d be holding rate.

So, we’re in a perpetual race to become the least expensive alternative in a world where free is an option.

Doesn’t sound like a great business plan to me.

The way to better rates is not ratings, it’s talent. It’s listening experience. It’s results.

Enough excuses.

Provide an experience special enough to warrant the market’s highest rate.

Your job, your sales team’s job, doesn’t end with the order, it begins there.

Invest in talent — real talent, not just an hourly wage body, the cheapest possibility — that knows how to write and produce advertising that achieves results, and then guarantee its success.

That’s the way to drive rates up and we both know it.