Self Confidence

Do you know this person?


Everyone has weaknesses, but the self-assured are not afraid to admit them.

Instead of worrying what others will think if they ask for help, confident people are more concerned with self improvement, gaining valuable skills, and performing a job well.

How many “leaders” do you know in Radio who have the confidence to say “Will you help me? I don’t know how to do this.”

To the contrary, I’ve found so many people in our business who are threatened by anyone with competence.

They surround themselves with sychophants and they make certain those people know that loyalty is more important than creating a better product.

Only the insecure are afraid of people who might be smarter or more talented.

Only the insecure are afraid one of their own team members might take the spotlight from them.

I don’t really know how to solve this problem except to muse that self confidence must be developed early, probably in childhood.

And it is a problem because your station, your talent, will not grow if they’re led by someone who – even if only subconsciously – sees them as a threat.

If one of your department heads spends more time protecting their “territory” than building a highly competent, creative – adaptive – group, you’ve probably got the wrong person leading.

And perhaps that’s a clue that you aren’t all that self confident either…