Secrets And Lies

Understanding motivation

Young & Rubicam released a study last year that can be useful to those who take the time to learn from it.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to learn that many consumers hold views that are directly the opposite of what they tell us. Research is a bit like quantum mechanics: Once you study a behavior or feeling, it instantly changes because of being studied.

One of the good parts of the study is that they used Implicit Association to reveal unconscious motivations. At least they were trying to get to the underlying truth.

The study found that most of us have secret brand crushes, and more importantly, perhaps, secret brand grudges — despite what we say out loud, despite what we post on FB and social media.

Got a few minutes? Check this out…

What are you doing to try to better understand your listeners and what drives them to choose your station over any other?

Speak to those needs more and you will like the results.

I just don’t think traditional perceptual research is the best way to that understanding any more.