Secret Ingredient For Success


The successful people we spoke with — in business, entertainment, sports and the arts — all had similar responses when faced with obstacles: they subjected themselves to fairly merciless self-examination that prompted reinvention of their goals and the methods by which they endeavored to achieve them.” ~ Camille Sweeney

That’s the soundbite. You can read the article HERE. It’s short.

If you’re wondering how this applies to the future of Radio and Television broadcast operations, I am too.

The problem is, the guys at the top of these huge companies don’t really see themselves as part of any problem. They blame the internet, and Google search, and the size of the advertising pie, and competitors who drive unit rates down, and on an on — and never once think, Hmmm, maybe I am part of the problem.

Still, I think it applies to all the rest of us.

Do your best not to look for all the reasons you can’t succeed. Do your best — your best — and use your best every day to be the person you want to be.