Screw Business As Usual

The voice of experience…


It’s impossible to deny the business acumen and success of Richard Branson, which is why his new book is worth reading this new year.

He’s not only certain that socially conscious business practices are the right thing to do these days, he offers proof they improve the bottom line profitability of his companies.

Listen to what he says of his employees:

They realize we are more than just a money-making machine. And, I think, because they’re proud of working for the company, because they’re proud of going out in the evenings and having a drink and saying that they work for Virgin, I think they’ll make that little bit of an extra effort, which is good for the bottom line.”

Branson says Virgin employees not only work harder because of their belief in the social mission of the company, it’s also easier to attract and retain the very best talent — especially younger workers.

Are you proud of your company?

Are you proud of their commitment to the people in the town they serve?

Are you proud of the work you do every day?

I’m not being rhetorical; it is possible, still, to work in radio and be proud enough of your employer and your co-workers that you willingly share what you do, and why you do it, with everyone you meet.

I know it’s possible because I work with some of them.

You just have to be more selective now than you might have been 25 years ago, and that’s hard when jobs are so scarce.

The point is, Richard Branson proves the effort is worth it.

If you own a radio company, or sit at the highest executive levels, where choices are still possible, choose to run your group to not only do well but also to do good, not just for your community, but for your employees as well.

Leaders lead, which always means being separate from the pack.

There is ample scientific research evidence of a better way to do business, where profit is enhanced, not diminished, by the concern and morality of its leaders.

Radio has never needed the example of your real leadership more.