Sad Songs

Sad Songs

Where’d they go?

Radio music insiders have been wondering why AC isn’t playing ballads as often as they used to.

It could have something to do with local PDs having less autonomy to pick songs, at least inside the largest consolidated groups.

Maybe there’s so much emphasis on tempo that only the very best ballads even get a shot.

Or, I guess it could be that artists and labels are producing fewer ballads, for their own reasons.

Whatever the case, before you decide not to play that ballad that always scores so high on your music tests, consider this: recent research shows that hearing sad songs produces “strong pleasure.”

“…tears involve pleasure from sadness and that they are psychophysiologically calming…”

You can read the article about the study HERE.

I believe anything that helps listeners feel strong emotions is the secret of winning radio, including songs that produce “cathartic tears.”

Play the hits.

And don’t be afraid of sad songs.