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Right In Front of our Eyes

Right In Front of our Eyes

What does this say about us?

I’m on vacation with my beautiful wife, so today I am going to borrow from one of the blogs I read weekly, The Schlagbyte.

The blog is writeen by Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, who is one of the most interesting people, and free souls I’ve encountered. Check it out. It’s worth the small investment of time each week.

I thought this piece, which he published in August, was especially good:

The great violinist, Joshua Bell, a one-time child prodigy, and now an internationally acclaimed virtuoso, agreed to give a recital in a Washington, DC subway station during the morning rush hour. The proviso was that nobody would know about his appearance before-hand; he would be completely incognito.


It is said that the Messiah will arrive at the gates of Jerusalem dressed like a beggar and that he will not be recognized because no one will stop to listen.”

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