Making a difference…

I know so many people with incredible knowledge and skills who can’t seem to find work. You probably do too.

And that’s why I hope you’ll share this with them.

I don’t know about you, but I want my work, my life, to make a difference. I want it to have more purpose than just enriching me, though being paid well is always nice. It just doesn’t replace the purpose part.

FAST COMPANY featured an article recently, How To Find Meaningful Work, about a new company that matches talent, knowledge, experience and commitment with companies more interested in changing the world than in boosting the bonus for the CEO.

That’s very different from Radio as we have known it most of our lives.

The last few years have been discouraging for many, especially those older than 50. Radio has eliminated thousands of jobs that are probably never coming back.

It’s hard, sometimes, for potential employers to see how those of us who have made a career out of building living relationships with millions — who only hear our voices — how we can fit into their organizations.

Emotional connection isn’t usually understood in the corner office unless it translates into a bigger bottom line right now!

But, if you’re one of those displaced by consolidation, if you have an excess of time and the urge to find a way to use it with purpose, I don’t see how you can be harmed by checking this out.

The company is called ReWork and I hope they find a way to match your passion and experience with an opportunity that will change your life, and our world, for the better.