Reverb Nation

Could this help our struggling music industry?


Have you heard of Reverb Nation?

Using a mixture of human ears (remember when you were allowed to add songs you knew were hits before someone in corporate told you that you could?) and metadata, new artists and songs are being discovered.

200,000 new songs are uploaded every month and the site hosts personalized web pages for about 4 million artists.

As with all things on the internet, I harbor a healthy skepticism until I personally see evidence to the contrary.

But I know this, if we expect great music, we — our whole industry, and all human beings that love music — need to find ways for the artists that create it to be paid fairly for their work.

I want to support every idea that makes that more, rather than less, likely.

BTW, I know summer is the season on catching up on great TV series we didn’t have time for so I encourage all of you in our business to watch Season 1 of Vinyl, which is an HBO product — one more reason the subscription is a bargain.

The first 2-hour episode was a little slow for me, but I was definitely hooked after episode 3.

It’s produced by Mitch Jagger, and features his son in one of the lead roles. I recognize record company execs being portrayed. I knew them personally, so that wasn’t hard.

It’s such an accurate representation of how things used to be: