Remember When You Were Fearless?

Embracing the impossible…

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

If you weren’t afraid of losing your job, or looking like a moron to colleagues and pundits in our industry, where would your imagination, your innate creativity take you?

A totally new way of selling, perhaps, remembering radio’s “Golden Days” by aligning one big annual account as the sole sponsor of an otherwise commercial-free music hour — providing something better for both client and listener?

An insanely absurd idea, possibly, by putting that wildy entertaining, interesting, always informed restaurant waiter, with no broadcasting experience, on your Morning Show, intuitively understanding that his personality, his charisma, is universal and not limited to table-side encounters?

What might you achieve if you just tried…?

Remember when you were fearless?

Remember when you didn’t notice, or care, about looking foolish by falling, but just got up and started walking again?

Remember when you weren’t scarred by rejection, when your self-esteem wasn’t defined by others?

Remember when you weren’t afraid of failure?

Can you find a way to get back there?

Can I help?

Because that’s where we all, as individuals, and especially as an industry, need to be…